Account FAQs

Why do I need an account?

We provide accounts to active members so they can access electronic services such as online voting for the LFA executive and board elections.


Is this the same as my Langara account?

No, this account is completely independent of your Langara account.


What is my username?

Your username is the same as your Langara Computer User ID.


What is my password?

We cannot recover your password for you however you can reset your password yourself. The password reset procedure will send a confirmation message to the email address we have on file. In the unlikely event that you can no longer access that email account, contact the LFA office to update your email address and re-attempt the password reset.


What information do you collect?

We collect and store name, email, mobile phone number, and Langara employee number. You can view and update your own email address and mobile phone number. We recommend that you use a non-Langara email address.


Why do you want a non-Langara email address and mobile phone number?

We will send routine correspondence to your Langara email address or contact you at your office local. There may be times when the employer restricts your access to the Langara email system or phone system (such as during a strike or lockout). In that case, we would attempt to contact you using your non-Langara email address or mobile phone number. If you do not supply that information or keep it up to date, we may not be able to reach you.


Where is the account information stored?

This website and associated account information is hosted in a secure data centre located in Canada.