Funding Crisis on Campuses Across BC: Langara Faculty Launch Transit Ad Campaign

Langara Faculty are worried about their students. Our students are in debt. They are exhausted. They are stressed. They are forced to spend too much time working and as a result have too little time to study. The financial stress on students is so great that Langara College is starting a food bank on campus.

It was not always like this. When many of us faculty got our degrees, the government covered 70-80% of costs, allowing us to focus on our studies. In the last 15 years, provincial funding per student has dropped by 20% at Langara College (and similar amounts at institutions across the province). Without a change in direction, where will this trend end?

Spring 2017 Board Elections

April 19, 2017 update from Deborah Blacklock, Chief Returning Officer:

The following have been duly nominated for the positions of the Directors of the LFA Board. As there are no further nominations, they are elected by acclamation for the 2017/2018 year:

Noel Currie
Janet Douglas
Cathy Huth
Darrell Kean
Brian Koehler
Paul Prosperi
Jessie Smith


March 27, 2017 update from Deborah Blacklock, Chief Returning Officer:

Please join me in congratulating Scott McLean who has been acclaimed LFA President and Alison Curtis who has been acclaimed as LFA Vice-President for the 2017/2018 year.


The schedule for 2017 LFA Board elections is now posted in full. It includes dates for nominations, campaign notes, balloting and counts for all Board positions.

Please contact Chief Returning Officer Deborah Blacklock if you have any questions about the elections or the election process.