The Langara Faculty Association (LFA) is the registered agent of collective bargaining for the faculty of Langara College in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our certification covers all instructors, counsellors, and librarians employed by Langara College. We are affiliated (local 14) with the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC (FPSE).


The Board meets weekly except during the summer term. For members who wish to view them, Board meeting minutes are kept in the LFA office. The Board sends out regular email Bulletins to keep members informed throughout the year.

LFA Board members, June 2018
2018/19 Executive, left to right: Darrell Kean, Janet Douglas, Scott McLean, Catherine Huth, Tanya Lewis, Brian Koehler, Jessie Smith, Alison Curtis, Paul Prosperi.

2020/2021 Executive Name Phone local Email
President Scott McLean scott.mclean@langarafaculty.ca
Vice President Alison Curtis alison.curtis@langarafaculty.ca
Secretary, Steward Tanya Lewis tanya.lewis@langarafaculty.ca
Treasurer Paul Prosperi paul.prosperi@langarafaculty.ca
Chief Steward Darrell Kean darrell.kean@langarafaculty.ca
Steward Janet Douglas janet.douglas@langarafaculty.ca
Director Catherine Huth catherine.huth@langarafaculty.ca
Director Annie Jensen annie.jensen@langarafaculty.ca
Director Colin Mills colin.mills@langarafaculty.ca


  • Darrell Kean (Chief steward)
  • Janet Douglas
  • Tanya Lewis

Chief Returning Officer:

General Meetings:
The Annual General Meeting is held in May and general meetings are called throughout the year. For members who wish to view them, past General meeting reports and minutes are kept in the LFA office.

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